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STOP Harlow North website to close down

The Stop Harlow North campaign will be closing this website soon due to changes being made by our web space provider.  Although we could accommodate those changes, we believe the site has served its purpose in bringing these unnecessary, unsustainable and undemocratic proposals to public attention and attracting thousands of supporters.  We will continue to contact those supporters as and when their help may be required by email and social media - our Facebook page
is proving a great way to stay in contact and up-to-date with the campaign.  We hope you will visit us there, but in the meantime look forward to your continued and valuable support to the ongoing campaign.

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This site presents the aims and objectives of the STOP Harlow North action group.  We are dedicated to positively and actively opposing proposals to create a major development north of Harlow around the Hertfordshire villages of Eastwick, Gilston, High Wych, Hunsdon and Widford, and the town of Sawbridgeworth, on the basis that the locality needs:


To protect our environment. Greenbelt is there for a reason and should not be built on until all other alternatives have been exhausted.


To protect the unique identity and historic character of rural villages


A better Harlow, not a bigger Harlow. Any development north of Harlow will compete with the existing town and hamper its regeneration


To bring back fairness and democracy in the strategic planning process.

If you support one or more of these aims then please contact us by e-mail to find out how you can help ...or keep visiting this site for updates