East Herts Council is now actively proposing the development of at least 10,000 homes in the Gilston area, north of Harlow

How much do you know about the proposals by East Herts Council / Places for People to build 10,000 houses in the Gilston Area? Will they affect you? How could the current plans be changed to improve the outcome for current residents in Gilston, Eastwick and the surrounding villages?
The parish councils of Eastwick & Gilston and Hunsdon - working together as a Neighbourhood Plan team - will be going through the plans in detail at 10:00 on the morning of Saturday, 23rd September in Gilston Village Hall and invite you to join with them in identifying features of the plans that could benefit current residents, and should therefore be enhanced, and features of the plans that are undesirable and should therefore be altered.
In the meantime, Places for People will be presenting their plans in Hunsdon Village Hall at 19:00 on the evening of 15th September and throughout the day on 16th September at the Manor of Groves Hotel, High Wych.
If approved and implemented, these plans will affect you.
This is your chance to maximise the good and minimise the bad.

Read STOP Harlow North's Spring 2017 newsletter which gives a quick update on the current status of the District Plan submission,
the Garden Town initiative and the recent Government White Paper on Housing.

STOP Harlow North is a group of residents from close-by villages and towns, actively supported and endorsed by their relevant parish / town councils, which believes these proposals are completely unsustainable and which, if allowed to proceed, would have an overwhelming negative impact on the quality of life in those villages and towns.
Read STOP Harlow North's latest newsletter

  • East Herts Council has betrayed residents and intends to proceed with Harlow North. STOP Harlow North and the Council worked side by side to oppose Harlow North for a decade. Together we fought off John Prescott’s regional plan. Today it has done a U-turn and betrayed those who voted for its members.
  • The 'Pre-Submission' version of the emerging District Plan (ie that which is intended as the final version of the plan, ready to be submitted to the Independent Inspector) is currently out for public consultation. You should respond to the consultation now becasue it is your last chance. None of your previous responses will go to the Planning Inspector; you need to respond again. All comments will be collated and submitted; the number of comments received on this issue should cause the Inspector to give it greater scrutiny and allow local concerns to be properly aired
  • Infrastructure is already at breaking point and the Council intends to allow a significant growth in population before any improvements in infrastructure are implemented. The plan is therefore fundamentally unsound and cannot be delivered. Major infrastructure schemes remain unfunded.
  • The impact on roads, school places, healthcare, rail, water and sewage infrastructure would be overwhelming. Recent stories about the failure of Harlow Hospital exemplify the problem. We all struggle with the roads and trains and those with children or grandchildren know the problems with school places.
  • The plan is significantly different from that proposed at the Preferred Options stage of public consultation in 2014. The Gilston Area has now been allocated for housing is a dramatic departure from the previous plan. The Council's actions are undemocratic and are a deliberate manoeuvre to avoid proper public consultation.

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The STOP Harlow North campaign represents residents from the parishes of Eastwick & Gilston, High Wych, Hunsdon, Widford and Sawbridgeworth
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