East Herts Council is now actively proposing the development of at least 10,000 homes on Green Belt in the Gilston area, north of Harlow. STOP Harlow North is a group of residents from close-by villages and towns, actively supported and endorsed by their relevant parish / town councils, which believes these proposals are completely unsustainable and which, if allowed to proceed, would have an overwhelming negative impact on the quality of life in those villages and towns.

The proposals remain in East Herts Council's District Plan, despite an overwhelming reaction against them - thanks largely to STOP Harlow North supporters - at every earlier stage of public consultation. The Plan now faces its final hurdle - an Examination in Public (EiP) by a government-appointed Examiner, which is due to run between 3rd October and 10th November. The Examiner has asked for written evidence and will hear verbal evidence from invited stakeholders as each topic is addressed; the Gilston Area is scheduled for examination on the morning on 8th November. STOP Harlow North has submitted its written evidence (which you can read here) and has engaged the services of a highly qualified, experienced and respected planner to present the evidence.
In the run-up to the EiP it became clear there was insufficient detail of the proposals for the Gilston Area for a proper consideration, so the Council rushed together a Concept Development Framework (CDF) which purports to address every aspect of the proposals. In fact this is a nothing more than a re-presentation of a marketing device prepared by Places for People in early 2016, which is misleading in countless ways and leaves many of the key issues about provision of infrastructure wholly unanswered. Nevertheless, East Herts Council adopted it as their own and pushed it out for public consultation over the summer holiday season. STOP Harlow North has submitted its formal response to the CDF which you can read here.

  • East Herts Council has betrayed residents and intends to proceed with Harlow North. STOP Harlow North and the Council worked side by side to oppose Harlow North for a decade. Together we fought off John Prescott’s regional plan. Today it has done a U-turn and betrayed those who voted for its members.
  • Infrastructure is already at breaking point and the Council intends to allow a significant growth in population before any improvements in infrastructure are implemented. The plan is therefore fundamentally unsound and cannot be delivered. Major infrastructure schemes remain unfunded.
  • The impact on roads, school places, healthcare, rail, water and sewage infrastructure would be overwhelming. Recent stories about the failure of Harlow Hospital exemplify the problem. We all struggle with the roads and trains and those with children or grandchildren know the problems with school places.
  • The plan is significantly different from that proposed at the Preferred Options stage of public consultation in 2014. The Gilston Area has now been allocated for housing is a dramatic departure from the previous plan. The Council's actions are undemocratic and are a deliberate manoeuvre to avoid proper public consultation.

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The STOP Harlow North campaign represents residents from the parishes of Eastwick & Gilston, High Wych, Hunsdon, Widford and Sawbridgeworth
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