East Herts Council is now actively proposing the development of at least 10,000 homes on Green Belt in the Gilston area, north of Harlow. STOP Harlow North is a group of residents from close-by villages and towns, actively supported and endorsed by their relevant parish / town councils, which believes these proposals are unsustainable and which, if allowed to proceed, would have an overwhelming negative impact on the quality of life in those villages and towns.

The group formed in 2004 and has campaigned actively against these proposals for 15 years. Although, ultimately, the battle to prevent development in this area has been lost, we believe the group's prolonged and effective campaign has prevented short-term speculative development and ensured that such building as will take place does so as part of a holistic plan, which guarantees the provision of necessary improvements in infrastructure phased with the new housing.
STOP Harlow North formed to represent the interests of each of the parish that would be affected by the proposals. In 2010, the Localism Act was passed which introduced and encouraged local groups to produce Neighbourhood Plans. Since a Neighbourhood Plan which has been developed under due process becomes a binding document which carries weight during consideration of any developemnt proposals, the parish councils of Eastwick & Gilston and Hunsdon elected to form a Neighbourhood Plan Group (the Hunsdon, Eastwick and Gilston Neighbourhood Plan Group www.hegnp.org.uk) to ensure their interests were best represented. This 'official' grouping of parish councils thus largey served the purpose which STOP Harlow North had provided hitherto. However a Neighbourhood Plan must be consistent with its over-arching District Plan, and so, as the District Plan - with its explicit inclusion of development in The Gilston Area - has passed each stage of endorsement, the HEGNP has had to accept the inevitable and rather seek to 'make the best of it' and work with the stakeholders (including the developers) to achieve the most acceptable outcome. Such was never the remit of STOP Harlow North and so, at the beginning of 2019, the decision was taken to fold the group's activities with immediate effect.
This website will remain active until the hosting contract expires later in 2019.
STOP Harlow North wishes to thank the very many people who have supported it over its years of activity.

The STOP Harlow North campaign represents residents from the parishes of Eastwick & Gilston, High Wych, Hunsdon, Widford and Sawbridgeworth